Walkthrough For Rouya Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Rouya Escape point and click game:
-Note the magnet on the cell bars and the thermostat on the wall as well as the guard walking by.
-Turn right. Pick up pillow.
-Click the upper right corner of the bed to see the hole. Click the hole a few times to break it. Note that there is a spoon there. Read the note (if you can!).
-Turn right again and pick up the tape and tube of glue from underneath the table.
-Click the fire extinguisher to knock it over.
-Click the handle of the fan to air out the room.
-Pick up the wrench from the wall.
-You can play around with the pirate in a barrel but it is just for amusement purposes only.
-Go back to the view of the cell bars and guard and get the magnet off of the bars.
-Go left to the basketball court and use the magnet in the upper left corner of the court (where the walls meet) to get the paper with black shavings.
-Get the baseball on the far right side where the weeds end.
-Click the top white line of the basketball court to get the rope.
-Get the stick on the lower right side of the basketball court.
-Go back to the spoon in the hole in the wall and use the glue on it. Then use the paper with black shavings on it. It is now a file.
-Turn on the fan then go and adjust the temperature on the wall to the lowest setting (0 degrees) using the stick.
-The guard should no longer be walking by.
-Click the right side of the toilet to view the screw. Use the wrench to undo the bolt. Go back to front view of toilet.
-Click the lower left side of the toilet to move it under the window.
-Use the tape on the window and then break it with the baseball.
-Use the file to cut off the bars.
-Tie the rope to the bars facing the thermostat.
-Use the pillow on the window and you're out!

Source: Escape Games 24

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