Walkthrough For S-Kape

Here is the walkthrough for S-Kape point and click game:
click to right for light switch
3121982-Code for door

ROOM 2- Click Fuse box and hit lights you will see letters where numbers are on black board.

Then click corner where u see a little bit of gray..peel back carpet and get key..click lock on ceiling..

ROOM 3-T.V explodes..click book case a book will show u numbers click tiles next to door corresponding with numbers in book.

ROOM 4-Zoom in on paper on table.
Handcuffs makes an 8
the spaces in the document makes a 1
draw lines by the directions the push pins are pointing makes a 4
last sheet is a 7
enter 8147 in keypad on door

ROOM 5-take blood from floor
smear on white board
get knife from table
click on drain till you get a bag of keys
click on door
find the keys from the white board
click on 8th
click on 5th
click on 2nd

ROOM 6- put #'s in numeric order then use last digits
ENTER 187090

ROOM 7- Open bottom drawer
click on book
right side near middle click on playing card
wait for password to appear
enter password in computer (case sensitive)
click on c.cpp
note pass == 'password_'
click open.exe
enter password_ (case sensitive)
press enter

ROOM 8- Click on calender on desk
note number on yellow paper
get paper clip
click on top CD Rom drive on computer
get CD
scratch it with paper clip
note 8456-1345-6195
click on computer screen
enter 8456-1345-6195
click ok
enter 31649875123
click ok
exit room

ROOM 9-pillars are numbered
START left side of room TOP TO BOTTOM
1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9

right side of room
10 13 16
11 14 17
12 15 18

click on all pillars except 1 2 4 8 16
exit room

ROOM 10-Click painting closest to you on left side
click on it repeatedly till it falls off
note pass on wall 8131
enter pass on keypad on door
exit room

ROOM 11-Click on remote control on chair
click till you see white (noise) static on TV
red numbers 956 will flash occasionally
enter numbers on keypad on door
exit room
There are also numbers on book as well but they dont apply here.

ROOM 12-count over to the 18th number 705
enter number in safe
get key
click on key hole
second board on left side (tab to find)

ROOM 13-Note numbers minus one.
Enter 998,996

ROOM 14- 91 in binary is 1011011
make the 1's green and the 0's red on lights above the number 91
exit room

ROOM 15-get 3rd hammer
beat down the door (not the keypad)
exit the room

ROOM 16-Click on Grey cabinet (just to the left of off line printer)
click on the plug on the floor
click on printer
get paper from printer
get key (printer paper shows you where)mine didnt but i did find key beside printer between wall and printer under tile.
click on door
exit room

ROOM 17-This is the hardest one since it changes every time you play
click on keypad on right side of room
press buttons correct number sequence will stay lit
incorrect numbers will reset the display
re-enter correct number sequence find next correct number
its a 12 digit number so keep track of you numbers till you finish.
Source: Escape Games 24

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