Walkthrough For Samorost 2

Here is the walkthrough for Samorost 2 :

  • Click on "PLAY"
  • Click on the dog house

Level 1

  • Click on the hero, white clothed guy
  • Click the green eating wood bug and put it on top of the tree to save the hero
  • Look on the left side and click the blinking arrow pointing left
  • Go into the cave and click the middle bottle to pick up the cork
  • Move mouse to left screen, click on baby anteater and quickly click on the hole, that the big anteater is sucking out of; so the hero can repair it.
  • Go back into cave, pull the water lever twice (you will hear/see water come out if you did it right), click the right wheel once and click the monkey until a powder from the plant goes into the funnel that you moved, turn on the fire knob and turn the outside tap water knob so that snail will drink it. Grab the hammer.
  • Knock the robot

Level 2

  • Click on the right of the pipe so that fly come out.
  • Hit away the round stone,left of fly; when bug crawl next to possum, click the possum and it will eat it.
  • Click the fly so that it will go to the possum vomit.
  • Click on the white guy and after that click the web ball (what becomes of the fly)

Level 3

  • Click on the box and release rat, click on the hole twice and plug drop out.
  • Use the plug at the socket on the left
  • Click the cable on the floor twice and click on the hanging hook
  • Go out and grab the flashlight on the wall
  • Click the rope so you can open the sewer.
  • Go down the hole, pull the lever once and click the wheel on the pipe
  • Pull the lever again and turn the wheel on the wall to open a hole
  • Go into the hole
  • Turn all three small wheel so that they are aligned and red spot is at top and bottom position, then turn the big wheel and click the hole on other side to go.
  • Press the coin on the machine to insert credit, click on one for robot on to come out. Grab the screwdriver and unscrew the smaller looking nuts. give back the robot screwdriver. Hit the hole and the coin comes back out.
  • Now do again for robot 2, unscrew big nut.
  • Click the chain to mess up the machine.
  • Watch him go back, and then click the ladder.
  • Hit the lever to stop the fruit from coming.
  • Pick all fruit from right basket to left basket until empty and go into the right basket
  • Pick up the sausage and hang at the skull (this will make his hat fly), when the green monster hand moves away, press the red button
  • When the white guy drop onto the floor, click on the green monster, get key and put it in the keyhole and save your dog
  • Click the door button for elevator and to get out

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Level 2:
Level 3:
Source: Jay Is games

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