Walkthrough For Seven Lucky Gods

Here is the walkthrough for Seven Lucky Gods :

– In the intro, when the God of Harvest comes close, click the potted plants. Keep clicking the arrows until he goes back.
– Go back into the room.
– Open the first desk drawer and get pencil and paper.
– Give the pencil and paper to Zashiki-warashi and she will draw a portrait of Ninja.
– Give the portrait to Ninja and he’ll tear it apart.
– Put the torn portrait in the garbage can and get the smashed piggy-bank.
– Give the smashed piggy-bank to the God of Prosperity (the one who holds a fishing pole and a red fish) and he will give a box to GOP.
– Go back and left and open the right drawer of the TV stand. Get the yellow key and the code.
– Face the bookshelf and get the code for the locked box (bottom shelf) and the red book (top shelf).
– Go to the kitchen and click the right note. A new browser-window will open containing the ASCII code.
– Take a look at the code for the locked box and write down the purple dots as zero -s and the green ones as one -s. You’ll get three binary ASCII codes for three characters. Decode them.
– Open the dresser and click the locked box. Enter the three characters you just decoded (they are GOP) and the box will open.
– Get the card-deck and the diary. You can’t take the lingerie, but you can try! ;-)
– Look at the diary and use the key to open it. Read it (if you want) then give it to the God of Virtue (wears an orange robe and a cane) and wait patiently for the text to be displayed.
– Give the card-deck to the God of Victory and he will play cards with you.
– Go into the kitchen, get the milk bottle from the fridge and open it.
– Go back and give the bottle to the Guardian Ghost who will jump to smash it letting go a piece of paper (some math exercises).
– Grab that paper and give it to the Goddess of Knowledge and Studies. She will present you with an equation for you to solve. Click the correct answer.
– Now go and click the computer. The password is “ninja” (without quotes). Open the mail client (the little orange icon at the bottm of the screen) and click the “File” menu to print the message you got.
– Click the browser icon (a blue “e”), click the “Tools” menu and then click the the “History” option to print the list.
– Go back and give the mail message to the God of Childbirth”.
– Give the list to the God of Longevity and he will give you a ring.
– Now click the box GOP is holding and note the pictures and numbers. Get the letter corresponding to the number above each god picture and enter it to the keypad on corresponding place. The letters form the word “happiness”.
– After the Guardian Ghost “sings”, click the “See weird epilogue?” button to finish the game.
Source: Free Games News

Here is another walkthrough:
- Turn around
+Help the god of prosperity:
- Open the first drawer in the desk
- Get paper and pencil
- Give paper and pencil to the girl (I forgot her name), she'll draw.
- Give the drawing to the Ninja, he will tear it.
- Put the torn paper to the garbage can, get the piggybank.
- Give the piggy bank to the prosperity, he will give you a box.
+Help the god of knowlegde and study:
- Go to the kitchen
- Open the fridge, get the milk
- Check the milk, open it
- Give the milk to the guardian, he will break it, get the paper fast or you have to replay that scene.
- Give the paper to the god of knowledge and study, she will give you a test, choose the second answer
+Help the god of virtue:
- Get the the paper on the shelf, use the ASCII table to dicovered it, like:
purple, green, green, purple, purple, green, green, green = 01100111. then find it in ASCII table, you'll find the password of the drawer in the closet(I don't belive the password is so easy)
- Get the diary and the cards
- Get the key from the right drawer on the TV desk
- Check the diary, use the key to the keyhole
- Give it to the god of virtue
+Help the god of victory
- Give the cards to the god of victory
+Help the god of longevity:
- I don't know about the password on the computer so… just type the password "ninja", if you want to explain, ask "lemon"
- Click on the Internet Explorer icon
- Click on Tools on menu, then History
- You have the copy of games you have played
- Give it to the god of longevity
+Help the god of childbirth:
- Go to the computer
- Click on the Mail icon
- Choose Files on menu, you'll copy the message
- Give it to the god of childbirth
+Open the secret box from the god of prosperity:
- Use the name of the gods in the hint
Source: Escape Games 24

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