Walkthrough For Shinto Shrine

Here is the walkthrough for Shinto Shrine :
Go right, get the crowbar near the tree, then back to main screen
Click 3 times on the rope of the bell till a rock falls. Get the rock
On the same screen, move the brown box and get the safe
Click on both lion statues, get 2 balls
Enter the pagoda(?)
Click near the shrine (bottom right) to get grey key
Go left, open the two drawers with that key
Get tape in the first drawer, see note in the second one
Go right, move the cushion, use tape on the pipe and get gold key
With gold key, open the safe in your items, get green “tear”
Go right, get the shovel near the bolted thing
Go outside than left to the fountain, get silver key
Back into the pagoda

Click on the left of the ceiling, use crowbar to open the trapdoor
In that new room, move the partition screen, get the hammer
With the crowbar, move the big rock a couple of times and get mirror in the hole behind
Go down and click the trapdoor on the floor, get little statue
Click on the right hand of the big statue and put in it the little statue (eyes lit up)
Go right (or left!) twice, use hammer on the 2 white spots: get the gun in the right one, and see there’s a missing fuse in the left one.
Go outside
Click on the paving stone behind the left lion statue, use hammer twice and get 2 levers
Then click the the paving stone behind the other lion, use silver key to open the box : activate the system (off->on) and get fuse
Click on the 2nd tile to the right to remove it, use shovel to reveal a hole : get bow and arrow, use hammer 3 times on the sort of moon-shaped figure on the wall and get sword.

Back in the pagoda
Turn twice, use bow and arrow on gate to rise it
Put the missing fuse
Put the 2 yellowish levers in the 2 things of the same colour.
Turn each lever once
Go outside: the statues have raised up, click on both to get 2 blue things

Back in the pagoda, turn again the 2 levers and go back to the lions.
Put the blue horn on the head of the left one, and the other blue thing in the mouth of the right lion

Back in the pagoda
Use the little rocks you found (in fact silex) on the candle to light it up.
Then light up the gun with the candle
Turn right
Shoot the bolted thing a couple of times with the gun, get USB
Go right and move again the 2 levers

Go left, click on the shrine, in the hole put mirror+sword+green tear
Press button to reveal machine room, enter
Put the the green ball on the left and the blue ball on the right
Insert USB
Click on the green lines, you should get :
Main Power: on
Sub Power: on
Radar System: Activated
Laser 1: Activated
Laser 2: Activated

Enter the security code : 7641

Enjoy the ending !
Source: Lazy Laces

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