Walkthrough For Sleeping Princess

Here is the walkthrough for Sleeping Princess point and click game:
-Click the water on the left. Click the hole in the tree until the dwarf comes out. Get the fairy of flight.
-Go back and then click the cliff on the right. Use the fairy of flight to get the powerful fairy.
-Use the powerful fairy on the big rock to get the fairy who swims.
-Go back to the left and use the fairy who swims to get the Edacious fairy on the rock in the lake.
-Go back again and click the forest to the left of the castle. Click the fruit on the tree and then use the edacious fairy to get the flying fairy.
-Back again and use the flying fairy to get the Thief's fairy in the cloud above the castle.
-Go back to the forest to the left of the castle and use the thief's fairy on the treasure chest. Get the blacksmith's fairy.
-Go back and click the castle. Lift the flower pot and get the broken key.
-Use the blacksmith fairy on the broken key and get the key.
-Use the key to get in the castle and get the prince.
-Go back to the forest to the left of the castle and click the pathway to the left.
-Use the prince to wake the sleeping princess.
-Go back to the castle and get the ring.
-Return to where the princess originally was and continue along the path.
-Perfect Clear!
Source: Escape Games 24

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