Walkthrough For Soul Sister

Here is the walkthrough for Soul Sister point and click game:
1.Click on top left red square in the navigation panel.
2.Click the door to the shed and get the hammer from the ground.Exit the shed by clicking on the red square.
3.Drag the hammer to the window on the bottom right. Click on the window.
4.Get the bucket from under the sink. Go through the dining room door.
5.Click on the red square closest to the bottom of the screen. Get the scissors from in front of the book shelf.
6.Leave the room through the door on the top of the screen. Go into the bathroom through door on the bottom right.
7.Cut the hose with the scissors then take the hose. Then tie the hose to the bucket.
8.Go out to the yard and but the bucket in the well.
9.Go back into the bathroom where you got the hose. Take the third drain which will move it aside.
10.Click on the 3rd drain. Fill it with water from the bucket.
11.Go back to the library and use the key on the door on the right. Go through the door and click on the top left cupboard.
12.Go back to the dining room and use the code from the drawer on the gate at the top left. (1936)
Source: Escape Games 24

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