Walkthrough For Square Rooms

Here is a partial walkthrough for Square Rooms :

  • Click on knob on W door then take the revolver.
  • Enter W door.
  • Click on ceiling/wall border at the left side in the view where you see the W door.
  • Take blue thing.
  • Look at N door, click on blood, take key.
  • Open E door (i think)
  • Back in the view of W door click on border of the door at the right hand, take crowbar behind door.
  • In W room take mouse food behind cabinet (right side)
  • Go back to E room, click on mouse hole, mouse gives you a key.
  • Use key in W room on lowest drawer and get hammer.
  • Go back to the first view of W door and click on the relics of the revolver on the bottom.
  • Zoom in and click the slit, get watch.

Source: EscapeGAmes24

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