Walkthrough For Sweet Valentine

Here is the walkthrough for Sweet Valentine point and click game:
1st floor

1)a pink screw:behind the guitar
2)puzzle(1):put the ladder in front of the the tv and climb up you will see puzzle(1).
pink key:there is a hole behind the balloons
3)put the ladder on the to climb up to 2nd floor
4)a gold key: under the bed,click the key and then click the bed next to the wall to move the bed
5)a puzzle(2): on the bed
6)a puzzle(3): on the flower next to the bunny
go down to the 1st floor
7)make the puzzle to get a nipper and look at the number on the bunny puzzle
8) a black key:click the puzzle numbers on the pink bunny(flowers) in order
9) gold key to the cupboard to get a towel and pink key to the cupboard to get an iPod
2nd floor
10) a towel for the bunny
11) black key to the closet to get a wrapping paper and a step
12)put the step on the window and use the nipper to cut the key chain. open the window and go to the balcony and then you will find a screwdriver in the yellow flower

13)go back to 2nd floor and get a blue key and get the step back
1st floor
14)use the nipper on the connection metal to get a ribbon
15) use the wrapping paper and the ribbon to the present and click the present
16)you can choose the easy exit on the balcony to get an easy end.

17)use the blue key to the cupboard to get the a pink part something
18)put the ladder on the right to the cupboard. on the top of the cupboard you use the screwdriver to get a stopper and a long screw
19)combine the stopper and the pink part something together. put the pink screw on the pink part something. use screwdriver on the screw. you finally get a handle.
2nd floor
20) put the handle on the secret bunny panel(where is over the basket which bunny used to sleep)
and put the long screw on the panel. put the screwdriver on the long screw. click the handle.
21)click the closet again and you will see a ladder.click the ladder.
22)go down , and turn right. you see a suitcase and a door. click the suitcase.
23)if you click the door,you get a normal ending.(by airplane)
24)use the step on the door and click the rabbit face above the door and you will see a white key.
1st floor
25)wrench:use the white key to the cupboard and click the order (check the iPOD:menu,videos)
26)use the wrench on the ladder(at the right foot) you will get a cable for iPod
2nd floor
27)click the closet again,this time climb up.put the iPod on the stand.click the wall(between speaker and the ipod)and put the cable on the speaker.click the ipod again and listen to the music to get the code(3210)
28 put the code on the panel and click the hot air balloons . you see your boyfriend by hot air balloons.(sweet true end)

Source: Lazy Laces

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