Walkthrough For Sweets Of Memories

Here is the walkthrough for Sweets Of Memories point and click game:
- go the second location from right, take paper
- go to store (third from right), open door, take pen, click on oven to dry paper
- go to statue of old man (fifth from left), finish puzzle, take coin
- go to vending machines (third from left), click left machine to get key, click button on the bottom right corner to get change
- go to first location on the left, click on all differences, go to webpage, move mouse over CDs to get phone number (5239*501526)
- go to phone (second from left), dial number
- go to staircase (middle), click right column, take envelope
- go back to old man statue, click table twice to write letter
- go to post box (fourth from the right), mail letter, take key
- go to bathroom (first on the right), click water to unfreeze key
(- you can now go to parking lot to get normal ending)
- go back to store, click oven, click black switch to open oven, move white thing over all 6 spaces, click white switch to bake donuts, take donuts
- leave and go back to store, move lens over left, all white note, turn dials to darken lens, click on writing to get good ending
Source: EscapeGames24

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