Walkthrough For T's Room

Here is the walkthrough for T's Room point and click game:click on desk

  • open desk drawer
  • click on wall (right side of zoomed in desk view)
  • get red card
  • examine pen closely
  • get ink cartridge (from inside pen)
  • go left
  • get coconut (from tree)
  • click on red toolbox (to get screwdriver)
  • go right
  • click on bared window
  • use screwdriver on lower bit of first right bar
  • examine coconut closely
  • click in upper right point of coconut (to turn it to revel a hole)
  • put bar in coconut
  • go right
  • click on Mona Lisa
  • use ink cartridge on her left eye (see red spot up and just to the left of that)
  • get gold key
  • go right
  • click on door
  • use red thing on sign (just below writing)
  • click down arrow
  • use key on door
  • advance down corridor to bad guy
  • use coconut weapon on his left knee till he's gone

Source: Nordinho

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