Walkthrough For Ta-Na-Ba-Ta

Here is the walkthrough for Ta-Na-Ba-Ta :
1. Knock down scroll to reveal a safe

2. Click on second knob on shelfs to get scissors

3. Click on book click on left curled page and keep going but not too fast to get a yellow paper

4. Click bottom drawer for colored scraps of paper

5. Open cupboard to get yellow fruit looking thing

6. click on book on shelfs again click on picture of yellow fruit opens new window exit out

7. Click yellow thing then about items click on left tab to open it.

8.Turn right twice click on doll till he falls on floor click top pillow get coin, click calender to zoom in click bottom right corner get pink paper

9. Right once click corner of bench near wall get paste, click hole, click the coin then the hole to knock down wooden key get it use scissors to get coin back (may have to change scenes then come back to do it possible bug in game0

10.Click on top window pane one over to get colored papers

11. Turn right once use wooden key in safe get bowl

12. Turn right once give coin to cat open door go to the end click plant then bowl then leaf to get dew

13. Turn right till you see bamboo put fruit decoration on it

14. Go back to room (when viewing orignal scene from startup) click down to see a table put water put yellow paper on it then click on brick click the black stone ink then the brush then the paper get paper back

15. go back outside put paper on the bamboo tree then click the one of the colored papers in your inventory then about items click them a few times to make a decoration do this to all of them put them on the tree

16. Go back in room to the table and have some lunch

Source: EscapeGames24

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