Walkthrough For The Bar

Here is the walkthrough for The Bar :
1. Click the table to the left of the book. You zoom in and see a white thing on the left and the book on the right.
2. Click white thing. Get coaster.
3. Click on coaster in inventory and then "about items". Click on the zoomed up coaster. It should turn over and display an URL. This is important for later.
4. Zoom out of table view and click on left arrow. Zoom in on the white covered cabinet with alcohol on top. Get cell phone.
5. Zoom out. Click lefttwice. you should be looking upwards at the 3 stools at the bar. Click on the seat of the stool closest to you. get the hidden glass behind the bottles on the counter. zoom out. Click the seat of the middle stool. Get ice pick, cleaning cloth, and cup of lime juice. Zoom out.
6. Click around the seat of the stool furthest from you. It should zoom you into the left side of the bar counter. Get blender. Click on the 4th bottle from the left on the bottom shelf.
7. Highlight the ice pick in the inventory and click on the black refridgerator looking thing. That should zoom you in. Click again. Get ice. Zoom out.
8. Click left arrow. zoom in on locked cabinet. Get corkscrew thing on the table. click below the cabinet to get lighter.
9. Go to inventory and use the "about items" to look at the lighter. Click on lighter twice to get ring.
10. get back to the zoomed in view of the cabinet. click on the right side of the screen where the edge of the black refridgerator is. Get wine + briefcase.
11. Click on inventory and use "about items' to view blender. use the cup of lime juice on the blender. use the rum (the first bottle you found) on the blender. You made a daiquiri. Use lime juice again. Add more rum. You made double frozen daiquiri. click and it says "makes me want to read one of papa's books."
12. Go to the book by the window. Zoom in on book and click on the book to get the key for the locked cabinet.

13. Open cabinet and get green box.
14. Open briefcase, combination is in the diary entry: 1972. Get card.
15. Go to the fourth chair from the right next to the window. zoom in. look VERY carefully in the window's reflection. there are numbers there. use the card you got and click on the window. that should capture the numbers onto the card.
16. View cell phone in the inventory. click on cell phone screen. click on card and then click in the box where the password goes.
17. click on coaster with URL. click in url box.
18. pick your choice of drink and enter url. (the drink you choose effects the outcome! there are 4 endings)
19. look at the block of ice you got. it has melted and a 2nd ring has appeared.
20. go to the view with the door. zoom in on the table next to the martini glass. click on ice pick and click around the table. a white circle should appear on the table.
21. place empty glass on the white spot. click on light. click on the corkscrew thing in your inventory and observe it. click on it. get the 3rd ring.
22. use the cleaning cloth on the 3 rings.
23. look at the green box you got from the locked cabinet. combination is 9999. Get key to door.
24. Open door and see your ending.

Source: Lazy Laces

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