Walkthrough For The Crown Jewels

Here is the walkthrough for The Crown Jewels point and click game:
1 take blanket , t shirt, bar, bucket
2 use bar on the blanket and get blanket shreds ,use bar on the t shirt and get t shirt shreds
3 use two shreds together and get rope
4 pull the brick under the window and tie the rope on the window and then you climb out from the window
5 go to the well, use the handle , use the bucket on the hook, use the handle, use the handle again, take the key
6 use key on the keyhole of the staff only shed , open the door ,go into the hut ,take the plunger ,take the dirty magazine from the second locker(Jerry)
7 talk to Jerry ( always press first line to answer Jerry), give dirty magazine to Jerry after talking
8 enter the castle and talk to captain, go out again , and then talk to John .
9 enter the castle again , talk to the captain again
10( this is the most difficult step.it took me one hour to get a gold key form captain this morning.) you talk to any staff in the castle and he or she will make an accusation . a new question is shown by another person so you talk to another person and so on . for example: i talk to the jester first , cook, executioner, wizard,maid, gravedigger, jester, captain . you get the gold key from the captain after talking to him.
11 use key to the king room ,take a letter, a diary and then look the letter, the diary
12 talk to maid again after that take a knife and a carrot in the kitchen
13 on the way to the throne room , you will meet two nerds .after talking to them , give a button to the left one and he will give you a key.
14 pull the jester's hat and use the plunger with the staff and then you get the staff , use the knife with the staff , you get a torch without fire.
15 use the torch (without fire) with fire in the kitchen and you get a torch with fire.
16 to outside , there is a hatch next to the well , use the small key with the hatch and then open the hatch , use the torch get into the basement.
17 examine the control, use the carrot with a hole, take a cog , use the cog with the carrot
18 pull the lever, enter, take the shiny object, go out and then enter the castle again and see the captain but he is gone , take a letter , look the letter
19 go back to the basement again , and then you find the captain killed himself? take a piece of letter from his hand , look the paper
20 go to the castle again and talk to the maid(Veronical) in the king room. give the paper to her after taking to her. she will say you are a winner. and she is a loser.

Source: Escape Games 24

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