Walkthrough For The Daydream

Here is the walkthrough for The Daydream point and click game:
1. Open the blue face cabinet at center, then look inside before closing it (nothing inside). Then look carefully at the right hand side, you will see something jutting out. Click on it and you will get the tank (Chariot).

2. Go right and click the plate with food on the table twice. Then click the sandwiches at the centre to get it. Click the buns once at a time and you will find a memory chip. After that, click on the plate and take the cable below it.

3. Click the layer (red color) of the sandwiches to get the 3 Tarot cards - Sun, Tower and Chariot.

4. Click down and right. Click the Red Sofa and its top, then get the cellphone.

5. Click the cellphone and open the cover at the bottom right and insert the memory chip.

6. Click down, down, down and then left. Go to the right side of blue cabinet and you will see a charger and the power pack. Insert the cable and place the cellphone on the charger. Open the cellphone and start the video game.

7. Once the game is over, click the right bottom of the TV screen and the whole TV screen will turn and then you can find a golden key at the bottom center of the video game screen.

8. Use the golden key to open the cabinet at the extreme right bottom and get the blue robot. Then click the Blue robot and tranform it.

9. Now click the Tarot card and than drag the tank (Chariot) to the card. Here you will see the view changes and after that you see the shadow of the tower on the floor. This is where you shall put your tank at the tip of the shadow.

10. Go to the place with the tower tip shadow
and drag the tank (Chariot) to place there. Then click the tank (Chariot) and it will shoot the "frown face" cabinet (Green color).

11. Go to the frown face cabinet and get the Red robot. Do the same to transform it like the Blue robot. Then join them together.

12. Go back to the tank at the floor and click on it. The click its cover at the top to get the Skeleton Key chain.

13. Click down twice and then left, you will see a small chain above the table attached to the ceiling (see carefully). Click on it and then hook the Skeleton key chain on it. Click the key chain and the Robot's eyes will glow and shine towards the cabinet side.

14. Go the the cabinet with the cell phone charger and you will see a rectangle shape on the wall. Click on it and get the Yellow robot. Then do the same to transform it and join to the other two robots.

15. Now go to the toy box and drag the digger (formed by the 3 robots) and place it between the toy box and the glass wall. Click on the digger twice and it will start digging. Once done, get the dice from its "claw".

16. Flick the dice many times and you will then see the Sticker coming out (look like a yellow button).

17. Go back to the cellphone charger and get the cellphone. Someone has send you an email. read it.

18. Go to the screen when you see outside with the tallest tower and click on the center. You will then see a very faint while spot. Put the Sticker there. after that you will see UFO and parachutes.

19. Then go to the door and click the handle many times and it will tell you if there is something drop. Then go to the floor lamp on the left of the door. Click on it twice and you can see the shadow of a pin.

20. Click on the pin shadow and pick the pin up. Click the dice and put the pin into the hole of the dice. Take out the square piece inside.

21. With the square piece, use the same pin and poke it into the hole at the side. It will then turn into a key. Use this key to open the door and you are out.
Source: Lazy Laces

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