Walkthrough For The Great Kitchen Escape

Here is the walkthrough for The Great Kitchen Escape point and click game:

  • get the kettle, the blender in the bottom cupboard and the mixer in the cupboard to the extreme right.
  • go to the next room to your left, click on the bird to get a close up view and click on its tail to pull out a feather. go back, and click on the dog at the right of the screen, use the feather on the dog and collect the collar.
  • in the next room to your left, collect the frozen fish in the freezer, the bowl at the bottom left of the screen next to the fridge, and the electrical plug in the bottom left cupboard.
  • in the room to your left, click on the radio twice and collect the batteries from the back of it.
  • go back to the first room you started in, fill the kettle with water, put it back on its dock and plug in the electrical cord. get the kettle with boiling water now. go to the room with the fridge.
  • put the bowl down on the counter, put the frozen fish in it and pour the boiling water over it to melt it and collect the knife. now click on the construct icon on the top right corner of the screen. place in all the items in its outlined positions - you've now constructed a drill.
  • click on it and proceed to drill the main door, and you are out!

Source: Lazy LAces

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