Walkthrough For The Package

Here is the walkthrough for The Package :
The code on the front changes every time. But just click push after each number. The lights on the bottom light up in the opposite order from the one you solve. If you solve the first number, the fourth light will light.

Click the upper left and get the loose keys. Arrange them so that all rows equal 15 (I think the 9 goes on the top, the 3 in the middle, the 6 on the third row, and the zero on the bottom)

Get the screwdriver.

Click on the panel to open the binary code. You must count to 1111. In binary, you need the 1024, the 64, the 16, the 4, the 2, and the 1. Turn all switches to the up position.

Then (from top to bottom), it is: U = up, D = down.


Get the Key

Then open the panel. The code is listed in Hex code for colors. If you solve the mathematical equation, it says cut (number). The number changes every time, and so does the math problem. Solve both math problems. Whichever is equal to the number where it says cut, that is the one you cut. If it is FF0000, that is red, if it is 000000, it is black. Choose which to cut and you are done.
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