Walkthrough For The Stone Of Anamara

Here is the walkthrough for The Stone Of Anamara :
1. Turn right from the front door to go to the back of the house.
2. Take the KEY underneath the mat of the back door
3. Turn right and click on the leaves until you uncover a fuse box.
4. Use KEY to open the fuse box and click a few of the fuses to screw them back in, restoring power to the house.
5. Turn right and set the clock to 6:55
6. Turn right and take KEY from the desk drawer with a blue book on it.
7. Go back left to the door you saw the ghost enter.
8. Go into the next door and take the PILLS from the cabinet. (top-right miles pain pills)
9. Turn on the hot water to reveal the message KITCHEN
10. Go back to the main hall and enter your first door, the kitchen.
11. Knock the MATCHES off the top of the refrigerator.
12. Open the fridge and take the CHEESE out and place it to the left of the fridge.
13. A rat comes to eat it and drags along your MATCHES. Grab them.
14. Turn right and click the can of SOUP. Open it.
15. Pour the SOUP into the pot.
16. Open the burner drawer below the Pot. Click the wood in there and light the last match.
17. Take spoon from the sink and use it on the pot.
18. Turn to the kitchen table area and click onto the CRANK next to the plan.
19. Place CRANK inside the hole in the wall on the right side of the screen. Now Turn the crank.
20. Leave the kitchen and go back to the first office room you were in.
21. Look at the RADIO in the room. Click the left knob once and the middle knob 5 times.
22. Click the picture twice showing a date 11-05-39.
23. Click on the big picture next to the doctors diplomas, revealing a safe.
24. Enter the date 11-05-39 to unlock the safe.
25. Open the safe and click on the Ouija board revealing the message GO UPSTAIRS.
26. Exit back to the main hall.
27. Go forward twice and click the hallway to the left of the two doors.
28. Go up the stairs and click on the door.

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