Walkthrough For Thickly The Mark Escaping Game

Here is the walkthrough for Thickly The Mark Escaping Game:
pick up the bottle
pick up the pencil in bin
then use pencil whit the notebook over the desk, you get a note
then pick up the potted plant and get credit card
plug in the computer(click between the two tables)
turn on the computer
select the note and click the comp.
click bottle and then the potted plant
click the books and you ll get a paper with a bowl picture
click the paper and then the phone
someone will bring you some food
you ate that
then click on the credit card and then the computer
you will get some tomatoes seeds
(be careful to close the window)
pick up the seeds and put it in he pot
a tomato plant will grow
pick up one tomato
open the window
(the bird will eta the tomato)
close the window
select the tomato and click on the bowl
then you get the bird in your inventory
select the bird and click the lamp
a key will fall
your out
(You need to do everything in order, or you have to restart the game)

Source: EscapeGames24

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