Walkthrough For Tiger Room Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Tiger Room Escape point and click game:
1. Turn right. Click on first drawer of salmon closet to see no. 2.
2. Click on white and blue thing and pick up brush.
3. Click right. Click on left of left lazy-boy. Pick up pencil. Click on left edge of lazy-boy. Use pencil on paper to see no. 3.
4. Go back and click right. Use brush on stain on table to see no. 1. Open box on the right and pick up wrench.
5. Click on pale blue cupboard. Click on bottom compartment (from your point of view) and pick up paper. Go back.
6. Put paper on printer to get no. 4.
7. Click right. Click on pink box, use wrench on it and get TIGER!!! Go back.
8. Click on red box. OK, now the esoteric part. You probably imagined that since 1 = gray, 2 = salmon, 3 = brown and 4 = white, you only had to press button following the disposition of these colors on the boxes. Yep, but you also have to imagine that the keyboard is *upside down*! So, to make it simple, imagine that, from your point of view, the buttons are numbered from 1 to 9 in the usual order (left to right, up to down), and press 5721.
9. Take the key, go back, use the key on the door and you're out!
Source: Lazy Laces

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