Walkthrough For Trapped Remake

Here is the walkthrough for Trapped Remake point and click game:
1. Click NEXT a buncha times to skip intro dialog
2. Click R, R (turn around)
3. Click on mirror.
4. Click on a red knob behind mirror
5. Click NEXT
6. Click middle red knob to release dresser drawer
7. Click NEXT
8. Click R, R (turn around)
9. Click on dresser
10. Click on bottom drawer
11. Click metal circle
12. Click L (back away)
13. Wait for arrows to appear
14. Click R
15. Click NEXT 6 times to get screwdriver
16. Click R
17. Click grate in upper right
18. Click screw to remove grate
19. Click NEXT to get flashlight, key
20. Click L (back away)
21. Click R
22. Click cabinet lock
23. Click and drag colored blocks out of cabinet
24. Click on batteries
25. Click L
26. Click hole
27. Click ID card
28. Click NEXT
29. Click R
30. Click card reader on door
31. Click U (go forward)
32. Click R
33. Click left door
34. Click NEXT
Source: Escape Games 24

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