Walkthrough For Turkish New Year Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Turkish New Year Escape point and click game:
Ball 49: Look at the shelf and take the ball from the teddy bear’s hand.
Ball 41: Under the bear’s shelf, there is another ball.
Ball 62: Go to the computer and look between keyboard and mouse for this ball. Now look at the notepad on the computer.
Ball 1: Go right to the box and look inside it for the white ball.
Ball 15 and Plant: Look at the plant and take a leaf from it. Now look inside the plant for this ball.
Ball 33 and Brown Food: Turn to the couch and look at the table. Take the brown thing on the plate and under table is a ball.
Ball 22: Under the right cushion of the couch is this ball.
Ball 24: Look under the Christmas tree and open your presents. At least I hope they’re yours… but anyway, take the ball.
Ball 21: Turn to the sheep and take this ball from the upper left of the poster.
Ball 46: Put brown food on the other brown food and take this ball the rooster “hatched?”
Ball 7: Put the plant in the sheep’s bowl and take the ball on his back.
Finale: Turn to the door and put your balls in where they are supposed to go and listen to the weird people for as long as you can bear…
Source: Free Games News

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