Walkthrough For Twelve Signs Vol 1

Here is the walkthrough for Twelve Signs Vol 1 point and click game:
1. Click the right leg of the couch and get ball 1
2. Click the clock, click the ball at 5:00 to get ball 2, click the top of the clock to flip it, remove the battery cover, flip the battery cover and get black key
3. Turn right, use black key on right cupboard and get ball 3
4. Click the right picture, click top-right corner to flip it, get card 1 on right edge of black (below the right arrow)
5. Turn right, click the coat rack balls to get ball 4, get stick under door
6. Turn right, get remote in bookcase, get ball 5 in trash can, note the six-pointed picture
7. Look to right of bookcase, use stick to get white key
8. Click the 5th gray book from the left in the bookcase, open book and get card 2
9. Use white key to open chest in bookcase to get ball 6
10. Turn right, use remote to open heater (or something) on the wall and get card 3
11. Examine each ball in your inventory, flip them, they each have numbers
12. Using the balls, cards, and six-pointed picture, you can deduce the door code:
539167 (read comment 44 to figure out how)
13. Input the code and open the door
Source: Free Games News

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