Walkthrough For U Sensor

Here is the walkthrough for U Sensor game:

  • 1st floor..click left rail to find the yellow torch
  • turn off the light and with the torch click on the
  • darkest circle to find the screwdriver
  • 2nd floor.. click on top right of the shelf to get blue tape
  • 3rd floor.. click on coin release handle to get the coin
  • use the codes mirrored from each floor to open the box..
  • black 7 grey 1 blue 5 yellow 4 brown 7
  • collect the mood changer out of the box and place it over
  • the light switch.. click on and off 3 times and when the girl is
  • infront of you click the rope off her neck
  • use the coin in the box under the elevator buttons to open in
  • attatch the screwdriver to the rope
  • go to first floor and attatch the rope to the middle of the left rail
  • shut the door go to 5th floor then back to first
  • open the door and walk out.. click the left arrow and you are
  • in front of doors smash the doors to leave
  • .. there are a few different endings to this game

Source: EscapeGames24

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