Walkthrough For Vision Museum

Here is the walkthrough for Vision Museum point and click game:
1. Get Headphones from the corner of the room where the two cabinets of awards meet.

2. Connect the headphones to the machine.

3. Buy a CD, collect it from the chute at the bottom of the machine.

4. Go to yellow sofas and click table, click left side of sofa to find a barcode reader.

5. Go to the left side of the CD vending machine, click on the table next to it and open the flap, insert barcode reader here.

6. Enlarge the CD with about item, open it and click the disc to reveal barcode. Use on barcode scanner. Cupboard will open.

7. Go to cupboard and take phone.

8. Go to the right side of the machine and to the cupboard, place phone in slot, open door, take screwdriver.

9. Take the phone back from the door.

10. Open drawer on the right side of the machine to get red notebook.

11. Enlarge the screwdriver, click it to remove cap and reveal key.

12. Use key on hatch next to sofas.

13. Pull leaver and the floor will drop.

14. Click on screws on side of floor that has not fallen, use screwdriver to release the floor fully.

15. Enlarge the notebook and zoom in on black and white square, select the phone and use it on this square.

16. Now scan the phone into the reader on the wall to open the compartment. Take magic hand.

17. Face the sofas and click up, use hand to grab wire down.

18. I cannot remember but you may need to pull the lever under the hatch again to move up a floor.

19. Take phone and connect to projector

20. go to lightswitch and turn off.

21. Note the date from the projector after the video.

22. Use PDA on machine next to the ladder, type in the date and push to lower the floor again. Take PDA.

23. Go down the ladder and click the wire next to the hatch to take small hand/bottle opener.

24. Open the hatch again and use the small hand on the lever, you should have a bottle cap.

25. Enlarge bottle cap and flip over, use screwdriver to remove the inside, note the word.

26. Go to next hatch in wall, it asks for a keyword, go to the vision factory homepage and scroll to the bottom to find key word…hint: "drive a…."

27. Enter key word for gold key.

28. Return upstairs to silver door behind projector, place PDA in slot and enter the word/song name from the bottle cap and click enter.

29. Insert the key….YOU ESCAPED

Source: Lazy Laces

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