Walkthrough For Warbears Mission 1

Here is the walkthrough for Warbears: Mission1 :
1. Ryoh is on the roof. Attack the badguy next to him. Move right. Try to click the button; you won't have the key. Click the ! button to approach the other badguy on the roof. He'll give you the key, then attack you; you kill him. Move back to the left, click the button again. You'll get a puzzle. To solve it quickly: lower right, lower left, middle, upper right. This will turn the aerial on.

2. Move Lucas onto the truck. Get the drill. Hop down. Choose the drill again to push it into the wall. Tell Lucas to get on top of the drill. Tell Kla to get on top of Lucas. He'll get in through the window. Tell Lucas to hop down. Throw a grenade. Move Lucas to the top of the truck quickly. This will cause a larger crack where the drill went into the wall and also shift the chair holding the bathroom door closed.

3. Kla is inside the bathroom. Plug in the hacker thing to charge it. Play the hacker game; it's Simon Says, basically. Turn the venting system off. Turn the elevators on. Turn the camera system off. Mess around with the water until it's broken. Chill for a little while, until the water flows out the window; this makes a flower, which gives you bonus points. Open the door. Go through the door.

4. Tell Lucas to throw away the drill. Tell Ryoh to go left and slice the aerial. This will cause the ball at the top to bounce, knock down the bank sign, then fall down. Tell Lucas to throw a grenade. Get on top of the van. Choose that command that looks like hopping to the right. Lucas will count down, then jump on top of the grenade, and land on top of the flattened bank sign.

5. Tell Kla to go right. When he's in front of the first computer, there'll be a button. Press it, and you'll get another Simon Says game. Beat it. Turn the venting system back on. Tell Ryoh to go far right and knock down the bank sign. Tell Lucas to drop a smoke bomb. This will make lots of smoke. After the badguy opens the window, tell Ryoh to go right again. He'll stick his sword in the bank sign and balance on it.

6. Move Kla to the right. Tell Kla to go upstairs. Open the window. Go right. Call for pizza on the phone.

7. After a little while, you'll get an amusing cutscene. Tell Steve to climb the tree. Shoot the door. Shoot the badguy. Ryoh will jump down to the second story. Attack the badguy there. When you're finished, click the sword icon to untie the hostages. Go left—aah, spider!!! Click the down arrow, which will take you outside. Go along the ledge, then hit the up arrow to get back inside, on the other side of the horrible spider. You can hit the button, but the door will be locked. Tell Steve to get down from the tree.

8. The pizza guy will come for another cute cutscene. When it's over, tell Steve to get down from the tree. Shoot both of the badguys. Go left. Free the hostages.

9. Tell Kla to go to the left and back downstairs. Open the door to the printer room. Go right. Make a copy of Kla's face. Go far left, to the bathroom. Close the window. Go right a few times to close the door (with Kla on the outside). The room will fill up to the ceiling with water. If you want to, you can then open the door to get another bonus flower. If you do this, make sure to close the door again so the room will fill up again. (Eventually, the floor will fall in.) Take Kla upstairs again. Go right, and look at your picture. It'll fall under the door, and the badguy on the other side will freak out. Go downstairs fairly quickly. He'll blast down the door and run right out the window.

10. Tell Kla to go upstairs again. Make him go right and open the door. Have Kla and Ryoh go upstairs, in some order. Ryoh can free the hostages and then go right and slice open the door. Hit the button to turn on power. Tell Kla to go right. Hit the button; you'll get to see what's going on in the basement. Kla will unlock the roof lift. Hit Lucas' down arrow to go to the first floor. Open the door and go down-left to get into the vault elevator (or whatever it's called). Hit the button to open the safe door. Hit the red icon to get to the puzzle. Remember, for this puzzle: you can use the same part more than once, and when a path goes to the edge, it comes out on the other side. Then Kla brings down the safe lift and freezes a bunch of badguys.

11. Tell Steve to go right, to the scooter. Hit the white button; he'll drive it to the safe door. Tell Lucas to go right, then hit her white button; she'll get on. Hit Steve's white button and he'll get on with her. They'll go down the elevator shaft, and start following the big digger thing.

12. Okay, now, you have to be in a certain range. You're trying to hit the badguys on the back of the digger. The yellow things won't kill you, but they will slow you down for a time. Hit two regular badguys, the supervisor (the one with the overalls), and finally the rear loader itself, to get it to trail on the ground. Then ride up it and into the digger. Tell Steve to go right, and hit the button to stop the digger.

13. Congratulations! Check the upper right hand corner to see your rank. And watch out for pizza guys tongue.gif Go back to the menu to see the bonus content you unlocked.
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