Walkthrough For White Room

Here is the walkthrough for White Room point and click game:
1. CLick on the right side of the page till u get 2 the drawers.
2.Click on the pic as many times as u can till the view changes to a wall.
3.Click on the cut in the wall and collect the paper.
4.Click up until u can see the light.
5.Get the wires.
6. Put the paper on the light.
7.Click down and 2 the right.
8.Look on the blue thing, and you can make out the numbers. They are 821746 (right these down you'll need them later).
9.Click left 4 times and then on the lemon. Put the wires in the lemon.
10. Get a view of the blue thing then click on the bottom of the wall behind it.
11.Collect the yellow thing (keys).
12.Get the second closest viw of the sink.
13.Click on the shadow 2 the right.
14.Click on the mark on the side of the sink, get the phone inside.
15.Go back to the lemon, put the phone on the wires.
16.Type in the numbers from before and press call.
17. Listen to the man, he says 666 times 6 divided by 3 plus 42. The answer is 1374 (write this down you'll need it later).
18. Get the view were u can see half the sink and some of the blue thing. CLick on the middle of the wall, then the middle brick.
19. Type in the number from the phone (its 1374 if youv 4goten).
20.Put the keys in the hole (the red light should turn green).
21.Click on the door handle twice.
22. You are out!
Source: EscapeGames24

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