Walkthrough For Wizardtaro Episode 01

Here is the walkthrough for Wizardtaro Episode 01 point and click game:
1, see grey circle upper left to the door
2, go right, click table get paper and note 2008-190, need this later
3, grab pencil on board
4, use pencil on paper
5, click board to turn, note red 3
6, go 2x right notice small plastic square on window, get it
7, note down C J or L and O
8, turn left once, and click wall right to the plant
9, click on blue table with box on it, note shape of blue table 6
10, turn right and click on the right, use plastic on the two holes to activate third room
11, get broom and number 4 of the lines, also note yellow number 2
12, go out room and go right 2 times, click closet and get a black circle and cape
13, go right and note a line on the bench
14, go to right to the plant, click on it and get 3th line, also green circle
15, go to blue table and fill in the number, green is a guess, get circle and fourth line
16, go to the frame opposite of the 3th room and place circles on the mouse, black and 2x grey, get a key hole.
17, go to safe and fill in 2008-190=1818 is line A1, just click as long as you can go till all numbers are blue, go to mouse pic and open it with key you got from there.

the end

Source: Escape Games 24

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