Walkthrough For Wizardtaro Episode 02

Here is the walkthrough for Wizardtaro Episode 02 point and click game:

  • Turn left, open the door and read the note. Click the lipstick stain for a layout of the rooms.
  • Turn right and click the desk in the background. When you get closer click the desk again.
  • Click the lower drawer and take the magnet.
  • Open the top drawer and take the battery.
  • Back up using the arrow at the bottom of the screen and then click the arrow at the left side of the screen.
  • Click the door at the end of the hall way.
  • Click the door on the right sid of the screen.
  • Click the picture on the wall. It is a code:


  • Back up and click the bottom of the black chair without clicking the arrow.
  • Take the knife.
  • Select the knife and click the back of the chair. Take the ball and click it. You are now invisible.
  • Go back and click on the sliding glass door.*
  • Once you zoom in on the sliding glass door click the left arrow.
  • Enter


  • In the password box and click check.
  • Turn right and open the sliding glass door.
  • Turn left and click the balcony in front of you.
  • Turn left and use the magnet on the table in the room behind the glass. Make note of the number “2″
  • Turn right and go to the last balcony. Turn left and go in the room.
  • Click the kitchen twice to get a close up of it and then click the right arrow.
  • Take the hammer.
  • Turn right, click the door, turn around and go back inside, click the gold plate on the left wall, then use the hammer on it.
  • Go back to the balcony and go to the other balcony of the room next to the one you were just in. Look at the TV and make note of the number “7″.
  • Go back to the room you used the hammer in and click the end of the hall twice. Turn right and open the door. Click the bottom of the door.
  • Take the battery at the top of the ladder.
  • Go down the ladder and exit out of a different room.
  • Once in the new room take the red key off the side of the kitchen counter and the remote out of the stoves fume hood.
  • Go toward the balcony and turn around. Click on the shelf and make note of the numbers on each shelf (numbers change each game).
  • Go to the balcony.
  • Turn right and look in the window of the next balcony. Make note of the number made by the pillows. (2)
  • Go forward to the next balcony and look at the room on the right. Examine the remote and use the batteries on it. Use the remote on the lamp and make note of the number “5″.
  • Go forward to the last balcony and enter the room.
  • Click the trash can and take the blue key.
  • Click the bottom of the chair on the left and take the black key.
  • Make note of the numbers on the chairs.


  • Click the table in the middle and use the black key on it.
  • Use the numbers from the shelf earlier and then click check. Take the cable and make note of the color in the color box.
  • Click on the kitchen and take the paper out of the top cupboard.
  • In the room you are in click the closet next to the door, use the red key, and enter the number from the chairs above. Leave the room from the door on the left.
  • Exit the room you are in and turn to the right.
  • Click forward and then on the bike. Use the key on the bike and escape.
  • Go back to the room you started and look at the laptop.
  • Use the paper on the printer behind the laptop.
  • Use the cable on the laptop.
  • Click the icon and enter the code from the rooms


  • Take the picture of the key from the printer.
  • Go to the front door and click on the panel to the left of the door.
  • Click the number until it changes to the color displayed on the lock where you got the cable earlier.
  • Check the numbers once it is on the correct color. Check the numbers 1 - 10 until the correct number is entered.
  • Use the key picture on the bottom of the panel and click open.
  • Open the front door of the room you were in.
  • Click to the right and take the money. (Do not take for ending 3. Take it for ending 4)
  • Click left and end the game.

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