Walkthrough For YHJ Adventure IV

Here is the walkthrough for YHJ Adventure IV:

  • Get stone ball from second door on left
  • Touch pedestal in center of room
  • push button on pedestal - place stone on button
  • Kill monster
  • Enter hall
  • Click spot on left wall
  • Click center, up to the left and then clockwise all the way around
  • Get candle
  • Kill monster
  • Move back to torch
  • Light candle (Takes you to dark room)
  • Light torches
  • Touch frame, wipe off dirt
  • Move back
  • Flip switches according to suns in pic (bottom left, top middle, bottom right)
  • Open door, get shotgun
  • Go to picture again, click it a few times - picture falls
  • Get diamond, place it in left hole - remove it
  • Get past swinging blades
  • Go back to first diamond, switch with new one
  • (Arrows are screwed up)
  • Go forward into doorway. Once through use the arrows pointing backward to get into dark room.
  • Put diamond in right slot.
  • Touch glowing circle
  • Kill momsters.
  • Get shovel.
  • Get ammo.
  • Use shovel to open next door
  • Kill Monster
  • Done

Source: I am Bored

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