Walkthrough For Your Quests - Out West

Here is the walkthrough for Your Quests - Out West point and click game:
At the saloon:
-Take the music roll from the piano
-Click the knob on the beer barrel (at the bar) and drag the barrel to the left and get the gold key

At Chicos:
-Grab the pencil from the counter

At the jail:
-Grab the matches from the table

In the desert:
-Slide the sand below the rock and get the belt buckle

At the bank:
-Click the third bar from the left until it comes off

At U.S. Mail:
-Grab the silver pen
-Grab the crank
-Grab the gold heart from a letter in a mailbox

At the saloon:
-Use the gold key to unlock the door near the piano
-Go into the first room to the left and grab the crucible from the shelf
-Click on the gray book and remember the order of the images
-Go up the stairs and into the 1st room (to the left), put the music roll onto the phonograph
-Put the crank onto the phonograph, click it, and listen to the notes that are played
-Grab the chunk of coal from the armoire
-Go into the 2nd room and slide the chairs from the table to get the cracker off of the floor
-Use the pencil in the hole and remember the numbers
-Go into the 3rd room, there are four dark panels
-Click the panels in the correct order, using the numbers from the 2nd room, and grab the rope
-Go back to the room with the piano
-Play the notes you heard from the phonograph and get the key from the piano
-Use the key from the piano to open the nightstand draw (1st room upstairs) and pick up the knob

At C.B.:
-Put the coal into the fireplace and light it
-Grind up the belt buckle to make a brass powder
-Grind up the silver pen to make a silver powder
-Grind up the gold hearts to make a gold powder
-Put all three powders into the crucible, click the crucible and then click on the fireplace
-Click on the crucible, then click on the mold of a key and take the key

At the jail:
-Use the forged key and grab the lantern

At the graveyard:
-Give the vulture the cracker
-Get the bucket
-Use the knob on the water tower
-Click the bucket and click the water

At the mine:
-Use the water on the spout of the machine and ignite the wick
-Go to the right and use the rope on the cart that is blocking something
-Go to the left and look at the mural
-(Remember the pictures from the grey book?) Count the number images that match the first image from the book (this is the first number of a code), count the number of images that match the second image from the book, etc.
-Go to the right and get the TNT
-Go to the left and use the TNT in the crack in the wall by the mural
-Click on the box, get the scroll, and read it

At Chicos:
-Use the metal bar in the hole and grab the silver key

At the bank:
-Use the silver key and use the code to open the safe and get the magnet

-Use the magnet on every metal hole you have seen throughout the game
-Then go back to the saloon, go into the room that contains the gray book, go into concealed room (which will be revealed after you have used the magnet on every metal hole), click the third lever then the first one, go in and find the gold
Source: Lazy Laces

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