Walkthrough For Yu A's Room

Here is the walkthrough for the Yu''s Room game:

  • -Take RED PAINT
  • -Go right, take BIN and take KEY
  • -Go right, take REMOTE CONTROL from right side of couch
  • -Take RUBBER from top of lamp (you don't need it)
  • -Go right and open right drawer with KEY. Take 1st BATTERY.
  • -Take stick from KFC-man.
  • -Go left twice and look under cupboard under TV.
  • -Take 2nd BATTERY under the arrow and take CUTTER with the help of your STICK.
  • -Put the BATTERYS in your REMOTE and use it on the TV.
  • -Now you see the bookcase on TV with the row of greenbooks and one red.
  • -Go to that bookcase and take the second book from right from the green row.
  • -Open that book. You see there a girl pointing with a finger to a spot. Use you CUTTER there to find another KEY.
  • -Use that KEY on the door to find another room.
  • -Take WHITE PAINT and a HAMMER from the right of the room.
  • -Now highlight your BIN and use the RED PAINT and the WHITE PAINT on it.
  • -Go back to the KFC man and give him the BIN to get a red KEY.
  • -Use that key on the left drawer from cupboard to get a PIG.
  • -Use HAMMER couple of times on PIG to get the final KEY.
  • -Use that key on the last door.
  • - You are out!

Source: Lazy Laces

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