Walkthrough For Yuria's Room

Here is the walkthrough for Yuria's Room:

  • 1.When you first begin the game, click on the picture on the wall. Zoom in. Click the bottom right hand corner of the frame to find the YELLOW KEY.
  • 2. Zoom out. Now click on the yellow circle that's holding up the painting. It's a DRAWER HANDLE.
  • 3. Go a screen right. Open the top drawer (the one without a keyhole). You'll find a STICK OF GLUE. Open the yellow drawer with the key you have and you'll get a PAIR OF CHOPSTICKS.
  • 4. Zoom out, fit the HANDLE into the red drawer. You can't open it yet, so go another screen right so the cabinet's in profile. From here, click at the top space between the cabinet and the wall to find the RED KEY on a nail.
  • 5. Go back to the cabinet, open the red drawer to get a WOODEN HANDLE.
  • 6. From the cabinet's front view, go two screens right to the ash tray on the table. Click around the base of the ashtray and it will lift up, revealing a GREEN KEY.
  • 7. Put the ashtray back down and click inside the ashtray. You'll get a ROLL OF TAPE.
  • 8. Zoom out, and click near the base of the table to find a picture message written on the floor. You'll need this code later.
  • 9. Go back to the cabinet, and open the green drawer. You'll get the HAMMER HEAD.
  • 10. Go a screen right so you're in the cabinet's profile again. This time, click at the base of the space between the cabinet and the wall. You'll see a COIN but can't reach it.
  • 11. Go to your inventory and click on the CHOPSTICKS. Remove them from their casing and split them by clicking at the thinner end.
  • 12. Click on the ROLL OF TAPE and click at the thicker end of the chopsticks. You'll form some kind of LONG STICK that will let you pick up the COIN.
  • 13. Zoom out and click on the pink gashapon machine. Put the COIN in the slot and you'll recieve a CAPSULE.
  • 14. Go to your inventory, select the WOODEN HANDLE. Use the STICK OF GLUE and apply it to the thinner end. Then select the HAMMER HEAD and stick it where the glue is to get a HAMMER.
  • 15. Use the HAMMER on the CAPSULE. You'll get the BLUE KEY.
  • 16. Zoom out and go back to the cabinet. Use the key to open the blue drawer and you'll find a BOX. Remember that picture you found under the table? Now's the time to use it. Enter the numbers that correspond to the colors, and hit "push". (It should be YBGR 3542 if the code doesn't keep changing.) You'll find a BLACK KEY.
  • 17. Go back to the beginning screen, insert the BLACK KEY in the door and click the handle. You're out!

Source: Lazy Laces

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