Walkthrough For Yuria's Room 2

Here is the walkthrough for Yuria's Room 2:

  • 1.go out the door. notice on left column: star=9
  • 2.go back in room, go left. open window several times, a key will fall out.
  • 3.zoom at key click on it a few times and you’ll see that it is an usb stick.
  • 4.take note from first drawer and one from the second. a book from the last.
  • 5.notice on the bottom left side of the cupboard : reversed heart= star …so the heart nr is 6.
  • 6.now look at the second note there is a code for how to get the heart. open the drawers in the row the numbers on the piece of paper say it.
  • 7.go to the laptop. click on bottom rigth side of laptop. there is an usb inputthing. usw usb on it.
  • 8.click on webcam.
  • 9.solve the sliding puzzle…(yes,i hate it, too) dont know how i solved it,either
  • 10. click on shape on the wall, youll get a screwdriver.
  • 11. use it on green plate.
  • 12. take plate and look on the backside. it says 3. when you put the pieces together in your mind it is ◊ = 2+3 so it is ◊=5.
  • 13. put in the heart and click on the symbols for the right numbers. it is 956
  • 14. click on the shape on the wall and get a handle.
  • 15. place handle in thing next to door.
  • 16. now look at the fairytale book and notice the symbols from the book. (crown, sword, fireball). the colors from the codebar have to match the colors in the book.

Source: Lazy Laces

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