Walkthrough For Zombie Inglor

Here is the walkthrough for Zombie Inglor :
–Take the scissors. Click the phone. Leave the room.
–Take the flowers. Go east.
–Go east.
–Enter the bar.
–Click the two characters, get the watch and old pie.
–Wait until Tuesday morning. Swap pies (outside of bar).
–Click on the guard to get past, then go that way.
–Talk to Ludy, then go north.
–Click on the girl, get the ID Pass.
–Backtrack to the mayor's house, go in.
–Talk to the mayor, get the gun.
–Go to the graveyard, go in, ignore spiders, go north until you can't anymore, go west.
–Get the key. Backtrack to the door in the wall. Go in.
–Kill Eric. Easy.
–Get the shotgun, go north to the dead end, go east.
–Shoot the rock away.
–Kill the spider queen. Easy.
–Go up.
–Go to the mayor's and talk to him.
–Go west, blow open the fence. Go in.
–Go down the waterfall. Get the duck. Go West.
–Go north, and go east. Go in the west door, get scroll.
–Go north again, open the chest for a shield.
–Backtrack, go in the east door.
–Kill treasure hunters (shield vs. shotgun one, shotgun vs. shield one)
–Backtrack, talk to guy in front of bar for life, talk to lady at fountain on Sun. for bread, beat first gun game for life.
–Go back into cave, take west instead.
–Kill bandit king by using shield and headshotting. Easy.
–Talk to Lyla.
–Backtrack to mayor's house.
–On the 13th, go in your room for the dragon.
–On Thursday, go east of waterfall, click on tiny cave, get Gunx2.
–Go into little mask house, kill other hunter for phoenix.
–Go below the spider queen to kill Disaster.
–Talk to guy in house next to start for better shield.
–Kill Ludy to win game.

Source: Lazy Laces

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