Walkthrough For Zombie Takeout

Here is the walkthrough for Zombie Takeout :
part 1: take poster off the wall then go right and take the pot got to the room on the right and take oil use the oil use the oil on crate and press light switch then use pot on the guy take the ladder use the ladder on stairs that are broken then
go up take the crowbar from near the stairs and go left open fridge take empty jar and take the lighter from 1 of the cabinets go left take poster and use with fire alarm and use lighter with it the guy will come out he will go right then click right arrow use empty jar on him go in the room that he was in click the computer and then click the grey box and turn elevators on and go down the elevator and take ladder and go back up them and use ladder near door go up throw down the computer and go down use crow bar with the bars go down and hit the old guy. part 2: take wrench next to the door and go down the manhole talk to the guy go right use wrench on the wheel go down take rope go back up use rope with other rope click the rope the zombie will eat the guy click the rope agin click right go up take the stick go down twice click the right arrow and then click the crate keep clicking the water bottle once the water in on the floor use stick with the gray box go down and go left go up go left twice and talk to the guy take the vcr go right twice go up go right use vcr with hole go left go down go right take jar of green acid go left and down the right twice use green acid with the crack go up talk talk to the guy take key use the key with the door.

Source: EscapeGames24

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