Walktrough For Nekonote 3

Here is the walkthrough for Neko Note Escape 03:

*get key under pink pillow
*Get hammer from behind umbrella rack
*Get green umbrella
*hammer glass on star hole
*Use umbrella to pull down hook in front of door
*get pink key from pink vase
*open drawers bellow tv, acquire flashlight
*go to desk area, and click the hell out of the picture, till it's half off.
*Open desk with red key, acquire notebook.
examine yellow chair at desk, also examine umbrella and use knife in umbrella on chair.
*break piggy bank with hammer, acquire purple eye.
*turn away from desk scene, then back to desk, pull down picture.
*Turn on flash light and examine hole.
*Note colors of wheel, and note the pages in the note book.
*Go to blue ball by bed, and deflate it with umbrella knife. The enter code:
(going left to right)
Blue Green Yellow Red
*acquire yellow eye.
*go back to ceiling box and enter eyes.
*get star key, done.

Source: EscapeGames24

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