Walktrough For Nekonote 5

Here is the walkthrough for NekoNote 5:

  • click bottom right corner of calendar - note bag=5
  • click to left of sofa - note order of safe numbers and get ball of yarn
  • click the hat of the animal next to the lion - note animal=3
  • click to the left of the Christmas tree and plug in the lights
  • click to the right of the tree and get brown key
  • click the picture - lift wreath and get orange key
  • use the brown key on top drawer - get scissors
  • use the orange key on third drawer - get hat
  • use ball of yarn to lure cat out of bucket - get towel
  • click the top of the frog’s head - use towel on smudge - says bag+animal=8
  • put the hat on the lion
  • click to the right of the sofa - use scissors on patch - I’m not sure what this code means but apparently you get 7
  • input code 5873 into safe and get gift bag
  • use gift bag on door
  • You are out!

Source: FreeGamesNews

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