Walktrough For Nekonote 6

Here is the walkthrough for Nekonote 6 point and click game:
1. On the first screen click on the grey box to zoom in, click again to reveal a key pad that is for the door. It is opened with a sequence of colors, come back to this later.

2. Go right, click on plant get box of blueberries behind the leaves in planter

3. Select box in inventory, then click about items, then click on top of larger version of box and eat blueberries

4. Go right, click white book on bookshelf, click cover then pages, get green key, click on clock for closer view, open bottom portion get handle, note position of numbers on clock

5. Go right open red wardrobe left side, get hammer from 2nd shelf, close door, use handle on right side of door to reveal a safe, click left bottom back of wardrobe to get screwdriver

6. Go left use hammer on small square under clock, get battery

7. Go left use green key to open large square left of plant (it’s a color wheel), use screwdriver, to open grate right and below plant, note the positions of the numbers. This corresponds to the numbers on the clock and then the positions on the color wheel you just noticed. This combination will give you the code to the door you saw in the first screen. The numbers behind the vent show you which colors go where on the four panel color pad next to the door, to find the colors look at the position of the numbers on the clock those positions show you where to find them on the color wheel.
So I= red, II=yellow, III=green, and IV=dark blue

8. Go back to the first screen with the door open the grey panel again. The code behind the vent tells you the positions each number goes in so top right=I or red, top left=3 or green, bottom right=II or yellow, bottom left=IV or dark blue. After you have entered the colors press the button which is now blue on the door, it’s a closet!

9. Grab flashlight from second shelf between pig and vase, click on flashlight in inventory and then click about items, click on larger view of flashlight at top to open, click on battery and then top of flashlight to put them in, click top of flashlight to close, then switch to turn on, close screen

10. Click white switch above grey panel next to closet to turn off lights. Make sure flashlight is selected in inventory and go right twice, not or write down symbols on the wall this is the code for the safe.

11. The code on the wall are numbers mirrored so what looks like a blocky M is 7 and so on. The code for the safe is 7421. Grab vial. Select in inventory and then select about items, open top then click on bottle to consume. Click where indicated. You’re shrinking!

12. Click next then follow arrows. You are now in the space you broke out with the hammer. Click on the white square on the right. It’s a not from you mom.
Click bottom right corner of note to get red key. Click the grey square in front of you.

13. Use red key on door to open. Click again and you’re out!
Source: EscapeGames24

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